High Altitude Balloon Project Plan

This is the project plan for constructing, launching, and retrieving the W1HLO high altitude balloon.

  1. Electronics Construction
    1. Build Arduino Sensor Module and Beacon
      1. The Arduino will send a string to the OpenTracker device. The OpenTracker will modulate the APRS string and transmit via a radio.
        1. The Arduino reads the inside and outside temperatures.
        2. The Arduino reads the GPS coordinates and altitude from the GT-525 GPS receiver.
        3. The Arduino creates an APRS string with the W1HLO callsign, temperatures, and GPS data.
        4. The Arduino sends the APRS string as text to the OpenTracker (or the Arduino Radio Shield? Probably not...).
        5. The Arduino writes time/date, temperature, GPS, and altitude data as text to the OpenLog data logger.
        6. The Arduino waits a short amount of time to allow the OpenTracker to modulate and transmit the APRS data through the SRB MX145 transmitter.
        7. The Arduino keys the SRB MX145 transmitter and sends an audio signal of W1HLO in Morse Code to the mic input of the transmitter.
          1. Check to see if we can use the same radio as APRS radio. Maybe change frequency to a CW frequency when transmitting the Morse beacon?
          2. Maybe we send out a sound file with more than just Morse code?
        8. The Arduino waits a certain amount of time (1 minute?) and then repeats the above set of processes.
      2. Resources
        1. Arduino web site (see Arduino UNO)
        2. OpenTracker Documentation
          1. OpenTracker Support Page
        3. Arduino Radio Shield
        4. GT-525 GPS Receiver Documentation
        5. SRB MX145 Transmitter (8 Volt) Documentation
        6. TMP36 Temp Sensor Documentation
        7. OpenLog Documentation
        8. Arduino MP3 Shield Schematic and Documentation
        9. Barometric Pressure Sensor Data Sheet, Schematic, and Example Code
        10. SparkFun Arduino ProtoShield Quick Start Guide, Assembly Instructions, Schematic, and Tutorial
    2. Digital camera
      1. Use the Canon Hack Development Kit.
      2. Use a script to take pictures at certain intervals (every 10 minutes?). See example script from SparkFun.
    3. HD Video camera
      1. Use the Go Pro HD Hero camera.
    4. SSTV
      1. Connects to its own radio for transmission.
      2. The SSTVCAM will automatically transmits at certain intervals (5 minutes?) on its own radio, the SRB MX146LV transmitter.
      3. Resources
        1. SSTVCAM Slow-Scan TV Module
        2. SRB MX146LV Transmitter (5 Volt) Documentation
    5. Figure out total power consumption and how we're going to power everything.
      1. Use Energizer Lithium AA batteries due to their excellent performance at low temperatures.
    6. APRS Receiver (for chase vehicle and HQ)
      1. Write a VB program to run on a laptop that will receive APRS data from a radio in the chaser car and at HQ. The program will display (when received) the HAB's APRS data for location purposes.
      2. Chase vehicle will use the FC-301/D Data Radio.
      3. HQ will use the Kenwood VHF/UHF radio with the KAMtronics modem.
      4. Resources
        1. FC-301/D VHF Data Radio Documentation
        2. FC-301/D VHF Data Radio Programming Software
    7. SSTV / Beacon Receiver (for chase vehicle and HQ)
      1. A laptop hooked up to a radio will decode the SSTV images from the HAB.
      2. The same radio will also be used to listen for the HAB's Morse Code Beacon.
      3. Chase vehicle will use the Yaesu HT dual bander, a soundcard interface for SSTV receive only (if needed!), and MMSSTV.
      4. HQ will use the Yaesu VHF radio, a soundcard interface for SSTV receive only (if needed!), and MultiScan.
    8. Jesse's Cell Phone Backup Locator
  2. Vehicle and Payload Construction
    1. Build the box to fit the electronics
      1. Josh will get foam
      2. Use foam glue
      3. Try fluorescent orange paint
      4. Make a label with our club's name, phone number, and reward
    2. Check the weight; ensure total weight of payload is less than 4 lbs.
    3. Order a parachute
      1. Maybe order from RocketChutes
      2. Jesse has cord to use for the parachute and the balloon
      3. Parachute calculator
      4. Check the SkyAngle Cert-3 (XL) Parachute
    4. Order weather balloon from Kaymont (KCI 1000?)
      1. Gas regulator and PVC? (See SparkFun's HAB.)
      2. Latex gloves when handling weather balloon? (See SparkFun's HAB.)
    5. Order helium
      1. Calculate how much helium to inflate the balloon based on total weight of payload, parachute, and rope.
  3. Launch/Recovery Logistics
    1. Use KB1AEV repeater system for communications with each other?
    2. Awesome Jeep Charlie (AJC) for chase vehicle.
    3. HQ will be at the W1HLO's ham shack.


Joshua Hammel
Mar 5, 2011

so i was looking at the weather balloon types from the spark fun HAB and he said that the 1200 series has around 2.62lbs of lift and the 1000 series has around 2.33lbs of lift. so if our payload is larger than these pounds, we need to find a larger balloon or cut down what is inside the payload. we shall discuss this at the next meeting. also, i have samples of the foam we could use on our project and will be bringing them to the meeting.

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